Andrea H. Evans, Esq. and Ashley Deadwyler-Jones presents Medical Mogul, Dr. Nicolle Martin MD, MPH!

HBCU Highlights spotlights HBCU graduates who tell their inspiring stories. Let’s take a walk in Dr. Nicolle’s shoes!

Dr. Nicolle knew at a young age that she wanted to become a medical doctor. She wanted to attend a HBCU and toured several schools. Dr. Nicolle and her identical twin sister thought that they were headed to Xavier University. Just two months before college started, Dr. Nicolle’s parents told them that they would make the sacrifice for her and her sister to attend Spelman College! Dr. Nicolle’s story is amazing. An inspiring conversation with her Uncle pushed her to ensure that she would have no regrets! She tells us about numerous career options she considered but she stayed the course and pursued medicine.

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